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Beers of the World Pack from Jonathan Maki
... the other one was.

Beer 6 - Newcastle, Drank this while working a long shift doing some development work. I was burning the...
Newcastle from Michael Glenn
... out at bar-time. I guess I had too many of those Newcastles. Being from DC, Michael did give me some good tips on where to check out when I hit the...
Newcastle from Nathan
I met Nathan the other night where he bought me a Newcastle Brown Ale. We ended up at the Imperial Room, on of my all time favorite wednesday night...
Newcastle from Jay Mauch
... shoulder I turn around and he has a cold pint of Newcastle offering for me. Fucking fantastic!
Newcastle from Eric Paradis
... Chino Latino in Uptown, which consisted of two Newcastles. (yes, a double-beer-buy, but I'm afraid it only counts as one entry on the site...
Newcastle Brown Ale from Paul Fetherston
Pizza, beer and bluegrass music is probably one of the greatest combinations ever to join forces on this planet. I mean, who couldn't have a...
Pitcher of Summit from Bill Farthing
... /> I had originally opted for the pitcher of Newcastle, but since happy hour didn't seem to extend out to beers brewed outside the USA, I...