Still don't get it?

Yes, it's really what it sounds like. I'm allowing you, the friendly web page visitor, to buy me one frothy malt brewed beverage.

It's easy, and you and your beer will get your own featured write up on this site. It's all about karma... do something nice for somebody else, and it'll come back around to you. So why not start your good karmatic life with buying me a beer?

The Concept

Not quite cyberbegging, more like cyber-requesting.

The internet is a glorious thing. People have travelled the world, raised thousands for charities, gained political support and increased awareness for major social issues. I figure with the power of communication and technology, I can make a simple request and get a little something out of it for myself. .

This is, in part, a test to see how the power of a simple request, sent out to a large audience, can return amazing results. And don't get me wrong, I love beer, so I have a little invested interest in this for myself.

I've done everything I can to make this a two-sided benefit for both parties, I get a beer, of course, and the sender gets a number of things in return for their generosity, so everybody wins in the end.