Sent to me from: Eric Paradis
Date: Jan 21, 2004
Drank at: Chino Latino, Uptown Minneapolis

Eric was kind enough to pick up my tab on my most recent excursion to Chino Latino in Uptown, which consisted of two Newcastles. (yes, a double-beer-buy, but I'm afraid it only counts as one entry on the site Eric). There was a little heated discussion between Eric and my other friend Jess about who would be the one to get the 100th beer on the website. I was a little worried for my safety when Eric got that i'll-beat-you-over-the-head-with-my-optical-mouse look in his eyes. Turns out neither of them got the coveted spot. sorry. but don't let that stop you from shooting for 200.

Eric happens to be my old boss from the dot com wonder years. actually my boss' boss, and a damn good one at that. I had just finished meeting with him about a freelance project he wanted me to do, and as well, had just finished hemming and hawing about whether his romantic dreams of XML interfaces were even possible. After slapping ourselves in the forehead for an hour or two, and getting little results, it was time for a beer.

Chino Latino was super fun, the Newcastles, as always, were fantastic, and my many thanks to out to Eric for picking up the tab so I didn't have to put eight dollars on my charge card.