Sent to me from: Paul Saarinen
Date: Nov 26, 2003
Drank at: Runyon's, Downtown Minneapolis

Twas the night before thanksgiving, and all through the house, not a drunkard was slurring, except in my house...

I met my roommate Tallpaul for a beer around 6:00 at Mel's Beauty bar for a couple cocktails, and then went back home for a couple hours to prepare to go meet some friends in Uptown later that night. Well, TallPaul decided to kill those hours not at home, but in the next door bar.

he called me up at around Nine and said, "Hey Paul...Whatsh going on? You schould come down schtairs for shome drinksh." I wen't down to see TallPaul in a state that he's rarely in, but anybody who knows him has seen it before and would recognize it in a second. his eyes were mere slits of their former selves, his hair was over his eyes, and he had a constant, slow side-to-side sway as if he wasn't quite sure how to keep the room still.

So I happily accepted his offer to buy me a beer.

He fell off of his barstool at one point in the night. but you cant really blame him. he was leaning on the person next to him, and shoulders are round you see, and he just kindof rolled off. It's perfectly understandable.

Our friend Rob, who was also there, drew a fantastic portrait of him on a napkin with a ballpoint pen.

We actually both ended up going across town to another bar after that, which is another story in itself, but all was good and we both made it home okay.