Sent to me from: Sam Arenson
Date: Oct 22, 2003
Drank at: the Imperial Room, Minneapolis

Sam was my manager a few years back at yet another web dot com venture that went belly up like the rest of them, and yet another company that laid me off. You know the type, the sort of company that hires you and says, "well, we cant pay you any more, but once we go public, you stock options will make you rich!"

The fabulous promise of stock options never did happen.

Sam was one of the cool managers though, and the fact that he gets in touch with me two or three years later to buy me a beer proves that.

Wednesdays at the Imperial just happened to bring along alot of people I know. So I got to feel like mr. big-shot-I-Know-everybody when somebody I know walked came it and said hello. that's right, I own this town, if you don't know the buy-me-a-beer guy, you don't know anybody! fo shizzle!