Sent to me from: Jay Mauch
Date: Jan 11, 2004
Drank at: the Fine Line, Minneapolis

The Fine Line was on our list of stops for a night celebrating my dear friend Annamarie's birthday this particular fine night to see the band Shadowbox play. I ran into several people I knew, met some cool new peeps, and got a free drink out of the deal. It was so fun, in fact, I decided to stick around awhile while the rest of my party continued on to see the drag show at the Gay 90's (for those not from Minneapolis, the Gay 90's is a must stop for any visitor!) I know, I know, how the hell could I turn down seeing a perfectly good drag show? Truth is, I'm not sure.

Good thing I did though, because shortly afterwords the band "Oh My God!" took stage and they really blew me away. The singer could pull off a couple vocal/piano ballads after a hard rock song, and still keep the audience glued. And about that time, Jay noticed that I had no beer in my hand, so with a tap on my shoulder I turn around and he has a cold pint of Newcastle offering for me. Fucking fantastic!