Beers of the World Pack

Sent to me from: Jonathan Maki
Date: Jan 07, 2004
Drank at: nowhere yet

Jon was fabulous enough to bring this by for me the last time he visited. I've gotten a good start on them. Here's my progress

beers 1 - 2, Peroni (Italy) and Staropramen (Prague). Drank these two beers while finishing up a 12 hour stint of work to meet a deadline. Man, that's when beer tastes its best

Beer 3 - McEwans' Scotch Ale (Scotland) This is, and will always be, one of my all time favorite beers. I was snacking on a bag of bagel chips, and I had this thought, "man, a beer would go fantastic with these!". so I had one.

beers 4-5, Took these to a dinner party that Jon hosted. Taco night! Arrrrrrribbaaaaaa! I wish I had remembered my sombrero. One of the beers was a Tsingtao, I don't remember what the other one was.

Beer 6 - Newcastle, Drank this while working a long shift doing some development work. I was burning the midnight oil, and I really needed a beer.