Pitcher of Summit

Sent to me from: Bill Farthing
Date: Aug 19, 2003
Drank at: Mortimers, Uptown Minneapolis

What better way to round out the 50th entry on buy-me-a-beer than with a pitcher of Summit, bought for me by Bill from Maryland. Oh Yea!

It was an interesting night at Mortimers that night. I knew there was something peculiar about the evening when an airborn redbull can was catapulted inches away from our heads and against the far wall. The catapulters seemed to be apologetic, but c'mon, how do you accidentally throw a can at somebody?

Then there was that guy who crashed into the floor next to me at the bar. He was doing one of those leaning back and catching yourself with you hands on the bar. Ever seen Superman where the kid is at Niagara falls and is leaning back over the bridge, and he slips and falls, only to have Superman fly down and save him at the last second. It was kinda like that, except with a sloppy drunk old guy and a dirty bar floor instead of a cute little kid at a national landmark. And there was nobody there to keep the drunk from toppling two bar stools as he sprawled around trying to stand back up.

I had originally opted for the pitcher of Newcastle, but since happy hour didn't seem to extend out to beers brewed outside the USA, I decided to go the cheaper route and go local with some Summit.

Good thing, because the extra dollar I had left over from Bills contribution was much needed the next morning for a coffee.