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Brooklyn Lager from Nate kadlac
... There was some fierce competitors from Dallas and Los Angeles, but in the end, Good ol William Ocean from New York City Rocked the crowd...
Duvel from Dallas Johnson
This beer was brought to me compliments of Dallas's lovely niece, Devi, pictured to the right being, um... a lemon or something.
Finnigans Irish Amber from Suzanne
... down to Bar Lurcat last night to see my friends Dallas and Karen perform some great jazz stuff, and I ran into Suzanne, another friend of mine....
Gumption Cider from Alicia Stepp
... years to buy me a beer has been Alicia from Dallas. I don't know what Alicia was doing in 2002, but now she's doing some amazing...
Harp from Dallas
Dallas seems to come out of the woodwork every now and then and surprise me with a beer. This time she got in touch with me through the website and...
Languanitas Lucky 13 from Dallas

Dallas must have had my birthday marked on her calendar, because I got a wonderful email in my inbox that morning, along with a contribution to...

Molson from Dallas Johnson
Dallas just contributed a donation so that I may purchase myself a molson on my upcoming trip to South Dakota. She said that Molson and the Dakotas...
Molson from June Johnson
... from June was delivered to me by my good friend Dallas. It came with a story too. Apparently, there seems to be a big problem when a patron wants...
Trois Pistoles from Jeff Hansen, Dallas and Sara
... through, my friend Dallas Johnson, a fantastic local musician, and her friend Sara, who I had the pleasure of meeting...
Viking Beer Sampler from Randy Lee
... friend Krista took me on a little road trip to Dallas, WI, about an hour and a half from the Twin Cities, specifically for a viking brewerey beer...
Youngs Double Chocolate Stout from Alicia Stepp
... some dormant days lately, but Alicia Stepp from Dallas has inspired me to rally and revive the site a bit. Alicia's beer of choice was...