Sent to me from: Dallas Johnson
Date: Dec 23, 2003
Drank at: somewhere in So.Dak.

Dallas just contributed a donation so that I may purchase myself a molson on my upcoming trip to South Dakota. She said that Molson and the Dakotas were a splendid combination because when she lived in North Dakota, the only imported beer they had there was from Canada, which was Molson.

She also gave me special instructions to charm those around me while drinking it, and something about kissing with a beer froth mustache.

I'll update after the weekend when I've found the elusive Molson.

Update: Good god! I was just revisiting my past beer entries and noticed that this one slipped through the cracks somehow! I did get that Molson, it was a while back. Much later than it should have been, but I did get it. I had to call all around town to find a place that served it. You'd think such a well known beer from our friendly neighbors in Canada would be a little bit easier to find.

I ended up finding out that Old Chicago served Molson. Ahhh, my saving grace. I'm not a huge fan of Old Chicago, maybe that's the anti-corporation, anti-establishment Hipster in me, but I certainly don't mind going down there for a bump or two every now and then. It was a good Molson too, in a nice frosty mug. I even took a couple, where were they. I know those damn pictures are arcived somewhere on the harddrive on one of my computers. I'll track it down soon enough.

So, in short, I kindof dropped the ball on this entry. I'll have to owe Dallas a big apology next time I see her, and get another Molson in her name. But nonetheless, thank you thank you thank you for the beer Dallas. Your SuperFabulous.