Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

Sent to me from: Alicia Stepp
Date: Jan 26, 2015
Drank at: StuporBowl XVIII

The latest donation to my drinking habit comes from a contributor who has been with me since the beginning of The site has seen some dormant days lately, but Alicia Stepp from Dallas has inspired me to rally and revive the site a bit. Alicia's beer of choice was "Sex Panther", a double chocolate porter from SanTan brewing in Arizona. I wasn't able to get one of those up here in the Minnesota tundra, but I was able to get close. I tracked down a Young's Double Chocolate Stout from a nearby bottle shop, and packed it with my for my weekend adventure.

Every year on the Saturday before the Superbowl, which is one of the coldest days of the winter, Minneapolis hosts the StuporBowl. This is one of the midwest's largest Alley Cat style bike rides through the city. This year 300+ riders bundled up, packed their flasks, and pedaled it out to backyards, alleys and bars around town to complete their checkpoints. I rode with a group of six, and was able to enjoy my Double Chocolate Stout at one of the stops.

The part about stuporbowl that makes it stupor is that riders need to drink a beer at each stop before continuing on to their next stop. One of the event sponsors was Pabst Blue Ribbon, so unfortunately, that was usually the drink of choice at each checkpoint. I was happy to have some of this chocolaty treat in my backpack to substitute. It was a nice flavor-break from the other options. All I really needed to make me any happier was maybe a bowl of hot soup and maybe a snuggie and a fireplace, but those things were not happening.

Thanks for the Beer Alicia! It was a nice treat on a freezing day.