Sent to me from: June Johnson
Date: Oct 25, 2004
Drank at: Mpls, MN

This fine bottle of Molson Canadian from June was delivered to me by my good friend Dallas. It came with a story too. Apparently, there seems to be a big problem when a patron wants to take a beer from a restaurant unopened, As June and Dalles wanted to do not long before they delivered it to me. Molson isn't the easiest beer to find around these parts, so when they finally tracked one down in a town in rural Minnesota, they knew that it might be their only chance to bring one to me. What they didn't know was that there's some sort of rule or code that prohibits servers from serving unopened bottles of beer to their customers. Or letting them take it out, or some ridiculous thing that was causing difficulties.
Anyway, long story short, (because I dont remember all the details, not because I'm trying to spare you from a long story), they argued their case, talked about the weird website guy who gets people to send him free beer, and talked the waitstaff into giving them an unopened bottle of molson to deliver to yours truely.
I recieved the bottle when we were holding a screening of a movie in my studio. It was a live recording of Elliot Smith doing an acoustic show. Very cool stuff. Not a whole lot of people showed up, but it mattered little because I had an ice-cold molson and good company.
Thanks for the Beer June, it was sooooo goooood!