Finnigans Irish Amber

Sent to me from: Suzanne
Date: April 22, 2004
Drank at: Bar Lurcat

I went down to Bar Lurcat last night to see my friends Dallas and Karen perform some great jazz stuff, and I ran into Suzanne, another friend of mine. Suzanne had just recently heard about my buy-me-a-beer project, in fact, it was right about the time I showed up I believe. She was more than willing to share some good will and generosity by buying me a tall glass of Finnigan's Irish Amber.
Suzanne has one of the most incredible accents ever, I'm embarrased to say I don't konw exactly where it's from (I should find that out), but I do know she lived in switzerland for a while, (although not necessarily where she's from.) somebody will have to fill me in on this minor detail. Anyway, the point I was getting to, was that she shared a Swiss superstition with me that I had not heard before, which is that when you make a toast to somebody and clink glasses, if you don't look that person in the eye you're doomed for many years of bad Sex.
Interesting....very interesting.
I passed the test, but just barely. Anyway, the show was great, the beer was refreshing, and all was good. Thanks Suzanne.