Trois Pistoles

Sent to me from: Jeff Hansen, Dallas and Sara
Date: Aug 27, 2003
Drank at: the Blue Nile

25 oz. of pure heaven! This is without a doubt my new favorite beer! The Trois Pistoles comes in an extra large, corked bottle, and will cost you a pretty penny, but it's soooooo worth it. It was a rather crisp, fruity beer, and had an incredible aroma.

This purchase was a group effort, made by Jeff Hansen, who discovered buy-me-a-beer through, my friend Dallas Johnson, a fantastic local musician, and her friend Sara, who I had the pleasure of meeting that night.

So introductions aside, this beer really kicked my ass. I guess 9 percent will do that to a guy. After Dallas took a sip of mine, she decided to pony up the ten bucks and buy herself one. Which lowered her inhibitions just enough to go on stage for a song before the end of the night.

If I had had any more, I just may have gone up there and sang a tune too. Maybe some monkees, or ice cube cover tunes.