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Bass Ale
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Bass from Alex
Alex is the neighbor of my good friend Katie, who I recently drove down to San Diego with to help her move into her new apartment. A whole crew of...
Bass from
A bass was sponsored for me by Truely the best place to go to find the best drink deals in town. I mean, really, how great will it...
Bass from Kelly
... a fantastic place to meet with Kelly and drink Bass and talk about websites.
the bass was a little funny tasting though, I think it's...
Dinkel Acker from Tom
The second of my two halloween parties was in South Minneapolis. I pulled the ol' Oompa loompa costume out of the dirty clothes basket for one...
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale from Brad Van
I went to high school with this Guy. I've seen Brad once in the last eight years, but I always know I can call him out of the blue (or get a...