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Date: Oct 22, 2003
Drank at: the Imperial Room

A bass was sponsored for me by Truely the best place to go to find the best drink deals in town. I mean, really, how great will it be to be, say in uptown on thursday night, and be like, "I want to get a drink, I'm damn near broke" and then pull out your palm pilot or whatever and just dial up and find out where the nearest happy hours are.

Or, an even better example, how about "I want to buy Paul a beer through buy-me-a-beer, but I don't want to spend much money on that money grubbing SOB" then you can just dial up and find the cheapest special in town and ask me to go to that one.

Honestly, lets not kid ourselves, its us against the bar owners and their inflated prices. We can't let them own us by buying $6.00 drinks, BUY CHEAP BEER! RECLAIM YOUR RIGHT TO GET DRUNK FOR ALMOST NOTHING!