Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sent to me from: Brad Van
Date: May 05, 2004
Drank at: 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis

I went to high school with this Guy. I've seen Brad once in the last eight years, but I always know I can call him out of the blue (or get a call) to have a beer when we're in the same town.
Brad's Band, Droids Attack, Drove up to Minneapolis the other night to play a show at First Avenue/7th Street Entry. I've got to say, the Dancing Robot they had hanging out in the crowd was seriously cool!
so Brad was kind enough to buy me a Sierra Nevada after their set and hang out for a while. It was new band night, and seriously, a couple of the bands were pretty Green. One particular trio consisted of two tonedeaf girls that had probably never played outside of a basement before, and a guy bass player who looked like he'd rather be anywhere but there. I was a pretty worried for my poor ears at first, but it turned into some great comic releaf (Oh my god! I broke a string! Stop everything. sorry. we'll start over later!)
I was smart enough to grab my camera on the way there, but not smart enought to put the battery in it, so the photos were taken from Brad's Digital Cam. Not the best quality in a dark bar, but We got a coule none-the-less.
If you ever go to madison, check out Brad's retro arcade on State Street.