Sent to me from: Kelly
Date: March 23, 2004
Drank at: CC Club, Uptown Minneapolis

Got together with Kelly the other night for a "business" meeting. which basically means drinking beers with a friend and talking about websites. And I get to write it off on my taxes too! Kelly was gracious enough to pick up the tab when we left though, so I didn't even have to worry about saving the receipt for my taxman.
The CC Club Rules. It's one of three or four smokey seedy bars located in the wedge are of Uptown, Minneapolis, the other three comprising of Morts, Lyles, and the Oh so infamous Red Dragon. (beware the Red Dragon!) It's a great place to get hangover greasy breakfast and bloodys, and a fantastic place to meet with Kelly and drink Bass and talk about websites.
the bass was a little funny tasting though, I think it's from one of those CO2 kegs, those always taste a little off to me.
Unfortunatly, my camera battery was dead (deader than a doornail as I used to say in the 80's), so I didn't get any photos of the evening. Thanks for the Beer Kelly, I can't wait to work on the website.