Bass Ale

Sent to me from: Trista Meehan
Date: July 13, 2003
Drank at: Runyon's Bar, Minneapolis

Trista invited me down for a brew at my next-door pub, Runyon's. It was a sunny weekday afternoon and I was stuck at my computer doing some programming, and a little drink break was welcomed.

Trista bought me the beer as thanks for the help I gave her moving boxes to her new place a few weeks ago. Which was a pretty sweet deal, maybe I'll post a personal ad, "will move for beer."

So I ate this basked of fries with my beer, which certainly seemed like a good idea, but let me tell you something, A basket of greasy fries that large was never intended to be consumed by one individual, and that's a fact. My stomach rued me all the rest of a day. and I felt my pores were emitting grease all day. but lo and behold, I'm certain I haven't learned my lesson yet and will do it again. Silly Paul. Silly Paul. Ungh.