Rogue Double Dead Guy

Sent to me from: Stephonics
Date: June 13, 2009
Drank at: In a freakin limo bus

So my friend Alex had a bachelor party last weekend. First of all, I cringe when I hear mention of the words "Bachelor Party", second of all, I was shocked to hear that said party would involve a limo bus. I had some horrible thoughts of of SUV limos or the big, zebra striped college party busses, or some horrible combination of the two. This really didn't seem like my scene at all, so I was thinking of some way I could come up with a sick relative or out of town emergency go get me out if this obligation. After some hemming and hawing though, I decided to just suck it up and go. I figured it wouldn't be so bad, and at the very least I would have some adventure stories when the night was over.

Stephonics, my dear friend from Chicago and former roommate in Minneapolis, sent me a contribution of ten bucks to pick up one of her favorite beers. I couldn't find the beer, so I pretty much blew off Steph's suggestion and got a beer of my own. I found a nice $9.99 bottle of Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale at my neighborhood liquor store which I thought would be a suitable replacement. When I was rang up, I was rang up wrong and ended up getting charged about three bucks less, so I guess I got a beer and a little treat to boot. I figured the big red bottle of Rogue would make an excellend roadie for my limo ride.

 All in all, the bachelor party wasn't so bad. There was about fifteen dudes at the sausage party, and there were no stupid games, strip clubs or fruity shots. The Rogue beer was pretty delicious. I'm not normally a huge fan of Belgian Doubles because they're too sweet and often have a burning alcohol  taste, but this one was much smoother than most. Not perfect, but a respectable beer. I gotta hand it to those guys at Rogue, there good at what they do.

At bar time. I realized that I had to get myself home, and I was downtown with my bicycle. I've had a number of accidents in the past involving myself, my bicycle and some cocktails. These incidents may or may not have involved moving cars, but they all have involved me hitting the pavement, so I decided to walk my bicycle the four miles back home to get some sleep and nurse my hangover. Ungh.

Thanks for the Beer Steph. It helped me keep my sanity in that big, ugly, environment destroying limo bus contraption that I was stuck in for a while that night.