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Bah Humbug Christmas Ale from Stephonics
Hooked on Stephonics works for me. I don't know where she found this odd beer, but it made a nice birthday present. especially since the frat...
Fiddlers Elbow from Stephanie Bauman
Steph is my roommate, and I've got to put up with her every day, so do I really have to take the time to write about the beer she bought me? I...
Rogue Double Dead Guy from Stephonics
... stories when the night was over.

Stephonics, my dear friend from Chicago and former roommate in Minneapolis, sent me a contribution...

Victory Storm King Stout from Aaron Stroot
... to Chicago to visit my old (crazy) roommate 'Stephonics' and have an awesome dinner. My beer was actually drank the next morning, but I...