Fat Tire

Sent to me from: Pip
Date: Oct 17, 2009
Drank at: Sauce - Uptown, Minneapolis

We gathered up a crew and made a trip to the Cabooze to see Ghostland Observatory play on Saturday night. The theme of the night was "Whiteout", so we all gathered up our best white slacks and vests and hats, and meandered on down to the show.

From the start, the journey was riddled with strange happenings. Starting with some guys with a bowling trophy who wanted a photo of us all, and then we couldn't catch our train because the train HIT SOMEBODY a half block before our station, then a series of detours and roadblocks to get to where we were going because of the uncommon amount police activity downtown and broken-down-in-the-middle-of-the-street vehicles. We knew our luck was turning though when we found rock star parking right in front of the front door and finally made it to our destination.

The show was in-freakin'-credible. Ghostland brought it big time. I wish I had taken a photo of the DJ, and his magical, wonderful, wizard cape with  +5 powers towards rocking out!

After the show, we went to catch last call at a neighborhood music venue where our friends band was having a CD release, and Pip was kind enough to buy for a one big, frothy pint of Fat Tire. I've failed to mention so far any of Pip's contributions to our night of shenanigans, but know that when it comes to sporting a white haz-mat suit and getting down with his bad self, he can really bring it!

Thanks for the beer Pip! You generous deed made me feel better after I paid my $5 cover for a show I didn't even see at the second bar.

On an unreleated note, everytime I try to type the word "Pip", I automatically, every time, type the word "Pop". Interesting, I think pip has a new nickname.