Capital City Amber

Sent to me from: Dave
Date: Feb 01, 2004
Drank at: Pizza Luce

Dave had me hunting all around town for an Iron City Beer, a local brew from Pittsburgh (I think, is that right?) Anyway, I searched high and low and came up with nothing, so Dave kindly suggested that I pick up whatever I like. Which I did.

I found myself sitting at Pizza Luce downtown with an old high school friend of mine last night, knocking back a few 2for1's. Dave's contribution managed to last about three beers for me. Nice! So we talked about the typical old-school gossip. Who's married, who went crazy, who'd pregnant. bla bla bla. It was actually pretty entertaining.

So I pulled out my camera to snap a few photos for the website, and it seems that my poor fuji's days have come to an end. The little green light blinked twice, and it kindof wheezed, and when dead, never to capture a photo of a frothy mug of beer again. I suppose the decline of the health of my camera probably started that rainy day in seattle when I slipped on a grate in the sidewalk and smashed the poor little guy against the concrete. *sigh*

So, I'm sans photos for this entry. which is too bad because it was a good one. I guess I'll have to make it up with a few artists rendidtions of the evening by yours truely.