Sierra Nevada

Sent to me from: Scott
Date: Feb 03, 2004
Drank at: First Ave

Beer #100 has arrived! and Oy, what a night it was. I went to First Avenue for their annual England Swings show, where about a dozen local rock bands do covers of great british songs. Among some of the greats were Revolver Modele doing "how does it feel", The Wag doing Bowie's version of "the man who sold the world" and the Honeydogs nailed it with "Teenage Wasteland"! It was especially grand for me because about four of five of the bands were pretty close with my tight group of friends, and everybody I knew was there, so I could come across four of five people I know just walking from the bar to the bathroom. And not only that, I got to play the role of Rockstar Boyfriend that night, as my girlfriend was singing on the main stage. From there it was to an afterparty at my dear friend Gretchen's place. It was only fitting that my long awaited 100th entry in buy-me-a-beer brough in such a grand event. Well worth the morning hangover I have as I write this now. Thanks Scott!