Pitcher of Lineys

Sent to me from: Tammie and Kyle
Date: March 07, 2005
Drank at: Elsie%27s Bowling Alley

Tammie and her husband Kyle (who I hear is FABULOUS) sponsored a pitcher of whatever I like for Buy-Me-A-Beer! Okay, so it took a few weeks to pick up this beer due to a broken camera and all around lazyness on my part, but I finally collected on this pitcher of beer that Tammie contributed to a good cause. It was Sunday night and I was bowling on my newly formed drinking league (aka bowling leage) team, aptly named "Snotty Mitten".

As part of the agreement, when I recieved the pitcher, I made a proud and loud toast to Keaton and Grayson Leak, Afro Ken, (the hippest dog in cyberworld and beyond), the movie Herald and Maude (I love that movie!) and last but not least, Miss Laura Erdam, who I hear makes everyday a homemade chocolate cake kinda day (I've had those kind of days, they're great). Everybody was kinda confused at to who these people were, and I didn't really have any answeres for them. but it was a fabulous toast none-the-less.

Elsie's is a fantastic bowling alley, where many-a-hipster has gone to get good and schnookered up and hurled weighted balls across the floor to knock shit over. thanks to the pitcher of Linenkugels, I hit my perfect performance window, which is somewhere between two and five beers, where I was at peak bowling performance, and rolled some pretty decent games.
And, of course, there was the necessary reciting of one-lineres from the Big Lebowsky all night... ("I'm the Dude man...."), ("I don't fucking roll on Shabas...")

Anywhoo. A good, light macrobrewed local beer was just what was called for during an evening of antics and shenanigans on Sunday night. Thanks Tamara.