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sent me a Capital City Amber
Dave Collins
sent me a Linenkugels Honeyweiss
Dave Collins
sent me a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
Dave Weigert
sent me a Minneso-TAN

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Capital City Amber from Dave
Dave had me hunting all around town for an Iron City Beer, a local brew from Pittsburgh (I think, is that right?) Anyway, I searched high and low and...
Linenkugels Honeyweiss from Dave Collins

yay Dave! thanks for keeping the beer flowing my way when I visited with you at Tracy's

No many better places to be on a Tuesday...

Minneso-TAN from Dave Weigert
Dave bartends at a bar called the Clown Lounge. If you don't already know where it is, well then, I'm not going to tell you, because it's...
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale from Dave Collins
... and was fortunate enough to see my old friend Dave working behind the bar. He saw me walk in, and by the time I had gotten up to the bar, he had...
Tsingtao from David
My good bud Dave stopped by last night for a little after-bar get-together, where I showed him the buy-me-a-beer project for the first time. We sat...