Bells Kalamazoo Stout

Sent to me from: Kelly
Date: Dec 04, 2003
Drank at: Barbette

So I was at Cafe Barbette earlier tonight with a couple friends, and I order a beer that another contributor had so kindly donated through the website, and when the beer comes, a girl I know who just happened to be sitting next to me told me that it was on her. I tried to protest and make her understand that the tab for the beer was already spoken for, but dumb me didn't realize that I could just get another one.

Luckily, Kelly thought of that and filled me in. thanks.

kelly is one of the creators of the fabulous Kissing booth that has graced the presence of two parties that I went to over the summer, and it just happened to be the subject of conversation this night. It's interesting to discuss people's attitude towards manning the kissing booth, I mean, do they get to be selective about who they kiss? or do they try to sway certain people to come to the booth. Turns out, as we witnessed through rounding up kissing booth employees, that those people willing to man the booth are pretty much prepared to dish it out for whoever feels brave enough to walk up and put their doller in the fundraiser dish.

Anyway, since it was the topic of such heated discussion, I thought I'd share it.

Kelly also shared some french fries with the beer she bought me. And if you've read through the buy-me-a-beer archives. you'll know that I'm a raving fanatic of the Cafe Barbette French fries. So this really made my night. Kissing booths and french fries, no better match since coffee and toast.