Sent to me from: Kate Chapman Galloway
Date: Nov 13, 2003
Drank at: Mario's Keller Bar, Nordeast Mpls

Was that the name of the beer? Kate wrote it on a napkin at the bar so I wouldn't forget, but damned if I didn't forget the napkin at the bar. I don't know, but I had a helluva good time last night.

We were at Mario's Keller bar. yet another bar in a basement that I've been frequentling a lot lately. I've gotta say though, any bar with wood paneling is right up my alley.

So Kate's been telling me she would buy me a beer for ages now, and she finally got a chance last night at Mario's, where we were to see the stunning Michelle sing. There were a lot of my good friends there, and that last beer really put me over the top. but to my delight, when I left the bar at 2am I discovered in my car my leftovers from earlier, a half bag of doritos and plastic carton of Tabuleh. Oh! I was in heaven.

I still have dorito crumbs all over my car seat.

So many thanks to you Kate for the beer. I loved it like it was my first beer ever and my last beer ever. Cheers.