Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Sent to me from: Dave Collins
Date: Dec 18, 2003
Drank at: Tracys, Mineapolis, MN

I walked into Tracy's last night, a great little neighborhood bar in Seward Neighborhood of Minneapolis, and was fortunate enough to see my old friend Dave working behind the bar. He saw me walk in, and by the time I had gotten up to the bar, he had pulled out and opened a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and was offering it to me with the simple comment of "Try this."

Well, I was much obliged, and quite happy. It was pretty good stuff. I was at Tracys to meet up with somebody I had never meet before, and he certainly managed to take a little weight off since I am often a rather shy person. (You can believe that or not, it' up to you)

I learned that night that Thursdays are two-for-one's on beer and cheap taco night at Tracys, which I guess explains why the place was packed to the walls, when usually when I go there it's pretty quiet. I never knew what a crowd thirty cent tacos can bring in. I, for one, am proud to be part of a taco loving nation. But don't tell our president Mr. Bush. He may just lock me up for suspected terrorism if I'm are caught indulging in a non-US created product.