Michelobe Golden Draft Light

Sent to me from: Paul Fetherston
Date: Aug 18, 2003
Drank at: North Central Wisconsin Campground

Took a little trip to Northern Wisconsin this weekend for a little camping trip. It wasn't one of those hipster camping trips I often do, with organic co-op pasta dinners and portable DVD players and pretty girls sleeping in my tent (Did I make that one up? I'll leave you guessing), but this was a good ol' boys only, no showering, rumble belching, bean eating, fire poking, complaining about women, beer in cans drinking, down to earth testosterone filled weekends.

My friend Paul Fetherston showed up after the first night, with a big blue cooler filled with Michelobe Golden Draft Light. A beer I wouldn't normally be freinds with, but after a 12 mile hike and a smoky fire started, the ice cold beer was a sweet golden nectar comparable to nothing else on this planet. Any beer lover who's ever camped can probably agree that your standards are lowered when you're camping, but it's a wonderful thing.

The highlight of the weekend was definately the rope swing we found over the lake. it's wasn't the cleanest of lakes, but if you're careful to dodge the beaver poop, it was pretty refreshing.

Thanks for the beer Paul, you are now among the ranks of a camping beer God!