Sierra Nevada IPA

Sent to me from: Katie Manske
Date: July 14, 2003
Drank at: William's Pub, Minneapolis

Spent the day being festive at the Bastille Day Festival in Uptown, then topped off the night with a Sierra Nevada Sponsored by Katie next door at Williams pub

The festival was great, filled with great bands, great vintage stuff for sale, a half pipe, puppet shows and lots of beer in plastic cups.

As some good friends of mine were running the show, I got to pour beer for 20 minutes or so. It's amazing that people could drink beer faster than it could pour out of several taps at once. the event was sponsored by Bells Beer, and their vendor said they went through over 40 kegs that day, which for an event that size is quite an accomplishment.

At dark, after the last band, the fire performers (Illumination fire troupe) did a show, which was pretty spectacular.

Right afterwards, since Katie had been so generous as to sponsor a Sierra Nevada for me, I walked over to the pub, or rather, stumbled there since I got free beer all day for helping out.

Williams pub it was, which I really hate to admit going to, because on any weekend night it's packed full of testosterone driven frat boys and suburban hipsters, and flighty girls looking for free drinks, but on this sunday night it wasn't too bad, and a cold beer and a basket of peanuts was just what the good doctor ordered.