Boulevard Smokestack Series Saison

Sent to me from: AJ Stroot
Date: Feb 01, 2010
Drank at: Verona, WI

I got a weird text on my phone the other day telling me to check my email because my nephew bought me a beer. The weird think about it is that my nephew, who would be more likely and legally to be drinking a fruit punch than a beer. That is to say, he's far from legal drinking age. But seeing as how I'm the one doing the drinking, and the PayPal payment certainly came from my older brother's account, I figured it perfectly fine for me to accept this beer. (truth be told, it would take a whole lot more for me to turn down a beer donation)

So the beer that I got was a Boulevard Smokestack Series Saison.Saison is a French style farmhouse ale, and was pretty much impossible to find anywhere outside of france, not to mention the USA, until the last several years or so when it started to gain in popularity. Most Saison's have a slight sourness to them, which is especially why we chose this one. You see, I happened to also have a small batch of Miracle Fruit to taste test this night. If you're not familiar with Miracle Fruit, try doing a google search, they're re-wire your taste buds to make sour flavors taste sweet, and it's absolutely amazing! Among our tasting selections were lemons, grapefruit, limes, kiwi and pineapple, plus others. This Saison (as with any sour beer I imagine) was absolutely delightful! Any sour notes that it might have had were dulled, but it kept it's rich, full flavor. I'll definately try this again.

 Thanks for the Beer AJ!