Surly Abrasive Ale

Sent to me from: Erik Olson
Date: May 01, 2010
Drank at: Grumpys Nordeast

This is Surly's limited edition brew. An Imperial IPA. As if they didn't make their beers strong and hoppy enough, this one is over the top! Erik paypalled a few bucks to pick up some our or local micro-brew beer, Surly, for some help I gave him with hosting is website This was delicious. And it was happyhour, so I've still got a couple bucks left to pick up another one.

I rode my bike down to Grumpy's, a neighborhood bar about eight blocks from me, give or take, with my GF to see what they had on tap. When we got there we realized we had forgotten our lock key. Not wanting to ride all the way back home and back again, I talked to the bartender to see if we could move our bikes to the back patio. That seemed like a silly idea to him since we could just bring our bikes right in the front door and park them by the bar. Which we did. I guess I've been going to too many of these urban city bars to remember some good ol' neighborhood hospitality. (although one of the regulars at the bar made a comment under his breath about looking like a bike store in here)

The abrasive ale is delicious. It's not as nearly overpowering with hops as I might expect from any IPA from surly, and it have some lovely fruity/citrusy flavors and smells from the hops. 

Thanks for the beer Erik!