Sent to me from: Lee Evans
Date: Feb 08, 2009
Drank at: Mille Lacs Lake, MN

Lee sent me a contribution for some beer just in time for my annual Ice Fishing trip in Central Minnesota. For anybody who has never done it, this is quite the Minnesota Cultural Experience. A dozen or so of us drive out to the middle of a frozen lake, rent cabins on the ice that we sleep in, and spend a weekend drinking, playing poker, and occasionally dropping a line through a hole in the ice and try to catch some fish.

I’ll keep the fishing story short...I didn’t catch a thing.

I did play plenty of beer-can Bocce, and beer-can shuffleboard on the ice, lose a good amount of money on poker, and eat copious amounts of junk food, which, really, is the reason we’re all out there in the first place.

I took Lee up on his offer to purchase a 40oz bottle of beer. When I went to my local Ghetto Liquor store, where I always go for the best selection of Malt Liquor in town, I found a big boy perfectly suitable for the occasion. Ice House! I haven't had this since I was underage and drinking in my basement apartment on a college campus.

The good news is, when it’s cold enough to be forming ice crystals, a lot of the horrible flavor goes away, and it's a perfectly bearable bottle of beer (It was pretty cold outside this weekend). There was some left over money from Lee’s Donation to my cause, so I used it to buy myself a little treat - A bottle of Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale, which was plenty delicious. In this case, it may have actually been a little too cold to enjoy perfectly, but then again, who am I to complain? I’m eating Doritos and drinking Hamms out of a Keg for Christ sake.

Thanks for the beer Lee. It was awesome! and the perfect addition to the weekend!