Yeungling Lager

Sent to me from: Eren from Turkey
Date: Jan 24, 2009
Drank at: Porch, NYC

I left town yesterday to visit New York City for a week. On the first night, I got together with my old friends Krista and Bulent in the East Village. We met up at a little bar called Porch on 7th and C street for a couple drinks before heading out for further adventures.

That's where I met Eren, a Turkish friend of Bulent's. Bulent is also Turkish,  I guess those turks like to stick together. But on that argument, I guess if I spent time in Turkey I would probably make quick friends with any Americans I came across. He came to the country two and a half years ago, to learn english, he says. I'm not sure what else he's been doing in those couple years, but through his thick accent, I could actually understand pretty much everything he said, even in a noisy bar, which isn't something I can say even about most of my american friends.

Eren, I was told, Is a famous boxer in Turkey. While boxing isn't a huge sport over there, I didn't doubt him for a second, he looked like he could pommel halfway into the ground with one big downward swing of his fist. That is, if he chose to do so, he really didn't look like he would hurt a fly.

So Eren was informed about my buy-me-a-beer project just before I arrived, and he was kind enough to buy me a round of Yeungling Lager, one of New Yorks oldest and finest beers. In fact, every time I come out to the east coast I look forward to finding this staple that available at just about every bar. We continued on that night to a couple other spots, one being some vegetarian goodies at a nearby restaurant, then to a little beer joing called Against the Grain with a really phenominal beer list! (where I ran out of cash and the crew needed to spot me for another beer...thanks for covering my broke ass!)

Sorry I mispronounced your name at the end of the night Eren. I realized it five seconds after I left. I'm glad you didn't pommel me :)