Summit Oktoberfest

Sent to me from: Carl Mueller
Date: Sept 27, 2008
Drank at: Club Jäger

After a long day of autumn shenanigans, I found myself at Club Jäger in the warehouse district carousing and drinking for their annual fall-time "Jäger-Fest". And who do I bump into, but Carl, the guy I usually only see walking the downtown skyways in shorts on sub-zero winter days.

I didn't have my camera with me, but I did have a camera-phone, hence the poor quality photos. But by the time the night ended,I think my train of thought, vision and coordination were about on par with the fuzzy quality of the camera I used, so I suppose it was rather fitting.

Carl was kind enough to buy me a beer from the little wooden beer-stand they had set up off to the side. I think they were only offering Oktoberfest if I remember correctly, which must have meant that Summit sponsored a big part of the event. I've had Summit's Oktoberfest many many times and while I'm never anxiously awaiting the fall release of this particular seasonal beer, I still find it pretty drinkable and a boatload better than the light beers these sorts of events usually have on tap (Jäger is usually pretty good about this).

I also happened to be with some other friends who grilled up forty pounds of free meat for the event, but that's another story.

So here's a recap: late night party = lots of fun. Free beer = solid. autumn weather on this night = outstanding. next mornings hangover = could be worse.

Comments added by Carl Mueller:

Paul, what the hell were we talking about? I remember my voice cracking up, but luckily when we left to meet up with some chicks, it righted itself. Either that, or it was temporary helium-ish effects of a jaegermeister shot.