Themed Budweiser

Sent to me from: Jason Kalenborn
Date: Sept 04, 2008
Drank at: My Living Room

Jason made a contribution to buy-me-a-beer, and specifically requested that I find myself a themed Budweiser. I at first though he meant those full print colored bottles you get at monster truck ralleys and baseball games, but he assured me that a Minnesota Twins themed can does exist in two dollar form, at the liquor store. Edina Liquor to be exact. I searched around a couple places (My bicycle doesn't usually make it out to Edina), and wasn't able to find one, so I decided to make my own themed beer bottle.

In honor of the Republican National Convention that's is being hosted by our city right now, I decided to create for myself a politically themed bottle, sporting the floating heads of our two competitors in the ring, Obama and McCain. (on a side note, I believe I actually saw that makers mark has a political themed whiskey bottle out right now).

So my cutouts of Barak and John were my dates to the personal viewing of the RNC on my television. I really only caught a couple highlights, but I did see McCain speak. I'm sure I'll be voting democrat when the time comes for me to punch my ballot in November, but I've got to say, McCain is a pretty fantastic speaker. If things go awry and he ends up taking the lead, I don't think I'll be nearly as devastated as I was four years ago when Bush stole the election.

I toasted McCain when he finished his speech, and I also toasted the protesters who broke in during the middle of it. God I love this country.

Comments added by Jason Kalenborn:

I saw these beers staring at me throught the glass of Edina Liquor Store's, once with Dale Ernhardt Jr. on them, these ones had the Twins logo on it. 24 ounces of rice and hops and barley. Not a horrible beer, not a great one for sure, but a nice bud is good on a hot day. And hey....Cool can!