Sent to me from: Irene Asbury
Date: Sept 03, 2008
Drank at: the Local Irish Pub, Minneapolis

Just returned home from an afternoon happy hour with Irene, who's in my town of Minneapolis/St. Paul for the Republican National Convention as a New Jersey Delegate. For those of who who don't know, Minnesota is a very very blue state. In fact, I think less than 1 percent of everybody I know would align themselves with the republican party, or at least those who I know well enough to have a political conversation with. That said, it's a pretty big deal that Irene made the trip to our little city in the midwest to represent her party and her candidate of choice.

I'm not a die-hard democrat, in fact I don't really believe in aligning myself with a party whole heartedly, but if you were to take all the political views I believe in, they would fit into the Democratic camp much more than the Republican camp (and probably fit closest into the green or independent party the most). Likewise, Irene isn't on any high horse about her right-leaning political views, so our conversation was really pretty fantastic. I learned quite a bit about how difficult it is to sit in the convention and clap or wave a sign for hours upon hours while supposedly important political figures string together inspirational patriotic quotes.

So Irene was kind enough to not buy me not only one, but two pints of Smithwicks. Just what I needed after a monotonous day of plugging away at my computer.

Highlight: watching the guys next to us dump both of their full pints of beer onto their laps. Other people's misfortunes seem to delight me :)

Thanks for the Beer Irene! Good luck dodging the hordes of angry protesters outside the convention center the rest of the week! and good luck with the whole GOP think you've got going, even though I hope you'll lose! cheers.