Grainbelt Premium

Sent to me from: Alyssa Fox
Date: June 06, 2007
Drank at: Club Jager, Mpls

How can an early afternoon happyhour turn into staying out for drinks for ten hours? When Alyssa shows up, that's when. I like hanging out with Alyssa about as much as I like having a nest of fire ants build a colony in my eye sockets. She's super boring and no fun at all ;)

So we Dominated the Shuffleboard table for a few hours at the Bulldog in Northeast, and then headed down to Jager for a couple nightcaps which is where Alyssa bought me a nice, $2 can of good ol' local Grainbelt Premium. Not like she had much selection in the matter, since every beer in the bar was gone except for that, but hey, a free drink is a free drink, eh?

Alyssa, nice work dumpster diving those Naked Juices, They're deee-licious.

And also, my bicycle is much faster than your silly scooter. We'll race again someday.