Vienna Country Lager

Sent to me from: Catherine Elizabeth II
Date: June 29, 2007
Drank at: Herkimar, Uptown Minneapolis

Catherine actually sent me some dough for these beers months ago, but failing to plan a day to go out and enjoy them together, we eventually just opted for me to go fetch them sometime on my own and tell her about it later. It wouldn't' seem like it would be such a hard task, since Cat only lives a couple blocks away, but apparently it was.

Anyway, last night I finally got the opportunity to redeem her generous offer, and fulfill the one and only obligation which was to get something I've never had before. The Herkimer Pub fit the bill, and I got myself a couple tall pints of this delicious red lager, Which turned out to be a perfect sunny day summertime brew.

My beer drinking experience couldn't have been better really, well, maybe if Cat had been there as well it might have been the frosting on the cake, but the sunny day, excellent jukebox selection and patio seating were about all I could ask for. A plate of pretzels accompanied my beers, in case you were wondering, and some fries stolen off of the neighbor tables plate. After the patio, it was off to the VFW next door for karaoke night to cap off the night.

Thanks for the beer Cat...finally. sorry it took so long for me to fetch it, but you know, absence...heart fonder, all that jazz. :)