Fat Tire

Sent to me from: Robyn and Dan Furgal
Date: April 12, 2007
Drank at: Scottsdale, AZ

Took a trip to warm and deserty Arizona to see my good friend Robyn the old ball and chain on. Having never been to a traditional Jewish wedding before (albeint reform jewish), I was pretty psyched to come check it out. I even though about bedazzling a yamaka with some bling for the event, but can't say I ever got around to it. We did find a nice gallon jug of Cheap Rose wine to pimp out for their wedding gift though :)

Couple nights before the big day, Robyn and Dan had some friends over for cocktail hour, and they were kind enough to buy beer and cocktails for everyone, which is where the fat tire comes in...three of them actually. My high point of the night was when I spilled a full vodka redbull on my pizza, which, of course was the only vegetarian pizza. being the only vegetarian in the room, I had the pay for the concequencdes of my own stupid butter-fingerness.

and for the record, redbull flavored pizza does NOT taste good...not one bit.

The wedding the next day was a hoot. (that's midwest-speak). Those Jews really know how to party. I Hava Nagila'ed my ass off.