Belgian Waffle

Sent to me from: Hillary Bressler
Date: Nov 10, 2006
Drank at: CC Club

Hillary paypalled me a donation to pick up a beer she called a "Belgian Waffle", kindof like a black and tan, but made with Blue Moon instead. I'd never heard of it before, but I like Guinness, and I like Blue Moon, so I figured the combination of the two would be allright. And it was. Glory be!

I went down to the CC club with my friend katie for a little birthday celebration for her. We parked ourselves at the corner of the bar and drank Blue Moons (and one Belgian Waffle!) and met some pretty interesting characters that sat next to us. The first couple were a pair of guys in their mid 40's. Turned out one of them was some super-rich dude who ownes a bunch of properties across the country and flys a helicopter. The other guy katie bugged long enough until he bought her a birthday drink out of guilt. (Nice move)

the other interesting people we met before the night was up was a trio of (extremely good-looking) girls. They were a little young, but easy on the eyes you could say. Turns out they lived a block from me. small world. No interesting puch line to this encounter though, sorry.

The bad news is that I forgot to bring my camera with me, so I just used my phone-camera, wich sucks. (or as I used to say in grade school, it sucks donkey). I snapped a couple photos with the donkey-sucking camera phone which