Sent to me from: Jason Kalenborn
Date: Sept 26, 2006
Drank at: West Village, New York

Jason Paypalled me a couple of bucks for a beer, and requested that I track down a 24 oz can of my good ol' buddy Weiser. Now, I know I can find plenty of those back in Minneapolis, but I've been staying in New York and I wasn't so confident I knew where to buy a big can of bud.

As it turns out, I didn't need to go far. After getting a slice one night, I walked into my neighborhood Bodega and saw one lone can of budweiser sitting in the cooler, just beconing for me to buy it. which I did of course. It was only a 16 ouncer, but being New York, I had to take east coast inflation into consideration, so sorry Jason, It's the best I could do.

The beer sat in my fridge for a week while I waited for the perfect time to crack it open. That perfect time came on sunday. A good friend of mine, who just happens to have stellar concert hookups, got me an extra ticket to be a dancing santa on stage at a Flaming Lips concert. This was perhaps an opportunity of a lifetime, one that I would be telling my grandkids while sipping ice tea on my back porch when I'm 80, so needless to say, I was pretty psyched.

In preperation for the show, I got myself a nice big cup of coffee, (to wake myself up after a long day of boring work), and then enjoyed the Budweiser that Jason sent. I'm not really a fan of the good ol' american macrobrew lager, but when it's nice and frigid cold, it's not so bad sometimes.

Bad news came about a half hour before the show though. While I was waiting for the train to get to the concert, my friend with the tickets calls me and told me that the tickets were lost. Aaaarrrgh! I was pretty bummed out, but it could've been worse because we had a fairly decent backup plan, and ended up seeing another great concert in the East Village (Sunset Rubdown for anybody interested)

So thanks for the Beer Jason, It was a precursor to quite an adventurous night, even if I didn't end up dancing my ass off in a Santa outfit under Confetti Cannons in front of a couple thousand people, that's not really my bag anyway...


Here's a show by the Flaming Lips. not the exact same show, but I'm sure it was much like this.