Erdinger Hefeweizen

Sent to me from: Cassie Hanson
Date: Dec 13, 2006
Drank at: Black Forest, Minneapolis

Cassie + good german beer = good times.

Thanks for taking me out for a drink last night Cassie, and the dozen drinks after that. And thanks for pointing out that the spot at the bar at the CC club where the barback stacks up all the dirty dishes in front of you probably isn't the best place to choose to sit. And thanks for telling me all those stories about those common friends we have that I promised never to repeat. (you actually believed me, bwa-ha-haaaa). Thanks for making me freeze my ass off while you smoked your cigarette outside. and thanks for telling me that I have a girly bathroom, even though you know that the lighted bathroom cabinet adds man points to the lighted buddhas, and the yellow kitty-cat statue is not girly! (okay, maybe it's a little bit girly, but I like it). Thanks for talking politics with me, and telling me that you think I'm completely wrong. it's good to know somebody who will put me in my place every now and then, even though I know that I really am the one who is right...all the time :). and thanks for telling me the story of the pee-mattress again, That will never get old.

I think you've fully redeemed yourself from the duffle bag of miller-lite that you brough over a few years before. That's all in the past, and in fact, I hardly ever tell people about how ghetto that was anymore. (that's a joke, really, I know you're sensitive about your ghettoness)