Old Speckled Hen

Sent to me from: Jason Kalenborn
Date: Aug 18, 2006
Drank at: Central Park, NYK

Jason paypalled me a couple dollars with instructions to track down a single Old Specklked Hen. I've got to admin, I highly doubted that I'd be able to find one, especially as a single. But lo and behold, as I was walking through Whole Foods Market the other day, there stood before me a glorious wall of beers, each sold individually, and right smack in the center was a big, golden can of Old Speckled Hen, beckoning me to buy it as if it were the holy grail of beers itself. Granted, I did have to pitch in some of my own money for it, but it was only a measlye fifty cents, so close is close enough.

I took my beer and met my friend for a a trip to Central Park to see Gnarles Barkley and "Clap Your Hands and Say Yea." Now, we hadn't purchased the $30 tickets for the show, but we figured we'd just pack a picnic and a couple bottles of wine and sit outside in the park and listen to the show. Turned out to be a fantastic idea...and an idea that a couple hundred other picnicers had too. There was quite a gathering of people in the lawn outside the stage, and in my mind it was way better than being in the cramped space on the other side of the chain link fence that so many people paid good money to get into.

We brought some little red plastic kool-aid cups to drink out of, because we didn't know if the park police would be on the lookout for people drinking. Turns out it was a wasted effort, because just about everybody around us was freely pouring their big jugs of wind and knocking back their bottles in paper bags.

I've got to say, as I drank my Old specked hen out of my plastic kool-aid cup, I wasn't a big fan. It's a little flat tasting, Some people like that I'm sure, but I"ve always been a fan of a crisp, hoppy beer. Now mind you, it didn't stop me from finishing the last drop, it was a pretty decent beer after all.

Turns out that our running around looking for food and wine caused us to miss Clap your hands and say yea, which my friend shelly was pretty bummed out about, but Gnarles Barkley sounded pretty good. And complimented my beer very nicely.

Afterwords we took our beer and wine buzz down to the beauty bar on the East side for a night cap before heading home. Some loser next to me spilled his drink on my seat and never turned to acknowledge doing it. bastard...