Yuengling Lager

Sent to me from: Rob Marbury
Date: Aug 10, 2006
Drank at: Motor City Bar, NYC

My friend Rob from Minneapolis was visiting NYC at the same time I'm living here, so we met up for drinks on a thursday night, then over to the Piano Bar in the lower east side for a show. When I got to the Motor City Bar, where I met Rob, He graciously offered me a pint, while also explaining something about how it's the oldest beer around. I didn't quite retain all that information he told me, just that it was old beer. (and good)

Rob is a co-founder of Rogue Taxidermy, and does some pretty cool work. you should check it out.

I've heard that the Motor City bar has got girls dancing in the windows most of the time. I've been there twice, and still no dancing girls. What's up with that!?

the bar also had a brilliant "buy a friend a beer" board, where somebody can pay for a beer, and they'll write on the board who it's for, who it's from, and what beer they bought for them...sound familiar?? If anybody is from New York reading this, by all means, you should leave me a beer at Motor City and I'll be sure to add you to the site!