Brooklyn Lager

Sent to me from: Melissa Maerz
Date: Aug 19, 2006
Drank at: Hi-Fi Bar. New York

After a very successfull day participating in a Improv Everywhere mission at New Yorks Home depot where a hundred-some of us shopped in slow motion. My friend Melissa and I decided to go get some grub and a drink.

We ended up at a place called Hi-Fi on the east side. Melissa paid for our drinks and luck me it was two-for-ones. so I got a pretty little black poker chip for my second beer. Unfortunately though, we had to cut out before ordering a second round, so I stuck my little poker chip in my pocket for my next trip there.

And for those of you reading this who don't know me personally, and don't know my friend Melissa, who I met in Minneapolis and now lives in new york, she kickes ass. if I was only a poet, I might have the proper words to say it, but since I'm not, I'll have to settle with, "she's one cool broad"