Sent to me from: Fiona
Date: Aug 05, 2006
Drank at: Some Unnamed Bar, NYC

So for my first week on my extended stay in New York, My fabulous Irish roommate Fiona took me out for some drinks on a friday night. Actually, it was more like we were sitting around on the couch and said, "hey, I suppose we could go grab a beer." and I was like. "Yea, I suppose I'd be up for that." So it's not like it was a big planned excursion.

We went down to the street and entered a little door next to a vegan restaurant marked with nothing more than the word "bar" written in small letters on the concrete above the doorway, we walked down a short hallway through another unmarked door and came to an excellent little hideaway pub.

I don't remember exactly what kind of Hefe this was, but I think it was local, and it definately had a strong taste of bananas, which sounds weird, but is actually pretty common among good hefeweizens. (definately an aquired taste)

It was a little hard to hear in there, combined partly with the fact that we were sitting right under a speaker, and that Fiona spoke very softly. She was having some ear issues, and couldn't hear out of one ear, and used that as an excuse for he soft speaking, but I'm not buyin' it.

We later took a train into manhattan where we serendipidously met up with a couple other I knew and chilled on the East Side for a while, but nowhere as cool as that hidden bar.