Lake Louie - Dinos Dark

Sent to me from: John Matusewic
Date: July 05, 2006
Drank at: at home

Another Beer in the Mail! yaaay Beer! This one came from my old Friend John Matusewic near Madison. Me and John go back to the good ol' pre-school days of hanging out on my dead-end road out in the country and playing with legos, watching Dr. Who, eating pringles out of recycled yogurt cups, and building record sized playing card mansions.

I kept in touch with john for most of my life, but then he kindof dissappeared off of the face of the earth for for about five or six years. (or so it seemed). Maybe he was part of some elaborate witness protection program... I suppose he could have been in prison for some sort of elaborate white collared computer crime, although I'll let him keep that personal buisiness to himself if that's the case. Anyway, I got a hold of me recently, and soon after I found this glorious package on my doorstep.

The box also contained a couple items that were very representative of John, some legos. (John was the all-time lego grand master in my mind), and some skittles (that kid could eat skittles like nobody's business.). If he could have only fit a case of Dr. Pepper in that box it would've been perfect.

the first of the two beers I drank while camping. I had spent a long day canoeing the St. Croix river in 100 degree heat, and was on the verge of passing out in my $5 camp-chair (the back proudly displays "DICK'S SPORTING GOODS". The Lake louie was a nice cap on a adventure

The second beer I drank the next weekend. My Mom came up to the cities to visit me for the weekend for the first time. very exciting. We grilled out that night and I think I got my mom kindof drunk. My friends love her now! Anyway, Lake Louie + grilled portabella sandwich = gooooooood eats!