Colt 45

Sent to me from: Erik Heck
Date: June 11, 2006
Drank at: Minneapolis at My Friend Trevor's place

Erik bought me this 40 because he said it reminded him of funny stories of people playing "Edward 40-hands" (if you don't know what that is, try googling it. I had to get out of my house for a while while my ex moved her crap out of my place, so I went over to a friends place and we homebrewed up a batch of beer. Every good homebrewer knows you can't make beer without drinking beer (I think it ruins the batch), so I stopped at Chicago-lake liquors (my favorite ghetto liquor store) on the way over and picked up this colt 45.

I honestly didn't have any intention of finishing it. I thought I'd just crack it open, have a few sips and take some photos for the site, and then drink something better. but lo and behold, before I knew it I was tilting the bottle back and was drinking the last few drops of warm malt liquor from the bottle. I guess the human body is capable of amazing feats at times. drinking bad, warm beer is one of them.